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Today we have a customer walks-in looking for magnetic nut setters. We usually carry two to four types of nut setters depends on our customers' budget and needs. They typically cost RM3-RM7.50. To be honest, we never heard anyone complains about that price range.

This customer that we received today must be having a bad day, so bad that he feels the need to throw money at the face of our staff, as we run out of the RM3, cheaper ones. Our staff proceed to offer this customer the better ones which is priced at RM5. Now again, we sell multiple pieces of nut setter every day, and never ever had any complaints about it. For some reasons, this pathetic customer was somehow enraged by the fact that those cheaper nut setters were sold out and proceed to whip out a stack of RM1 notes, quickly counted RM3 and just throw it to our staff's face.

Now, it makes us wonder, what kind of household raised the kinds like him? Poor manners, foul-mouthed, and totally 100% jackass. Does it make you feel good to throw RM3 at the face of a young graduate? What did you achieve? Other than proving yourself as a total asshat.

You know what. Customers like this are not welcomed at our premises. So, we happy blacklisted! Cheerio.

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